14 April 2016: A significant day

Today Kevin journeyed into the Light, he peacefully took his last earthly breath and returned to his true home. He was blessedly relieved of his immense pain and suffering, after a life well lived.

Soon after it hit home that Kevin had left, I realized that true to his nature, he chose a significant day in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar to transition: 5 Dog. In the last part of his life, at least, Kevin was always aware of the galactic tone and sun sign of the day on the Mayan calendar, but wasn’t always certain whether it was Wednesday or Saturday. The frequency and resonance of the day was more important to him than any earthly calendar.

Both 5 and Dog describe Kevin very well. He was an excellent investigator, an engineer at heart, who took things apart to see how they worked, and rebuilt things better than new. He loved to work on cars. He learned electronics in order to be able to maintain and restore audio equipment. He studied computer science and music, learned how to be a hypnotherapist and healer, and created Sound Hypnosis. As he learned who he really was and was empowered by that knowledge, he wanted to empower others to heal and know who they really were. He truly did probe directly to the core of what is important here on earth — self-knowledge, and relationships with self and others.

Kevin was like a dog in many ways; a family man, loyal, devoted, loving, warm-hearted. Definitely very brave, and playful. And he loved dogs. He was even born in the Chinese Year of the Dog. The Tzolkin calendar says 5 Dog is a good day to enjoy family and friends; a great day for a reunion with his family and friends on other other side … I am sure his dogs were also waiting for him on the other side, there must have been great joy in that reunion.

In addition, in Western numerology, 5 is a number associated with transition and travel. A perfect day to leave this world. Even 14 is a ‘5’ day (4 + 1).  His hospital room was also a ‘5’ number.  And 14/04/2016 is a ‘9’ day — if you add up all the digits you get 18, add 1 and 8 you get 9. In Western numerology, 9 is the ending of a cycle.

If that were not enough, in the Gregorian calendar, 14 April is also significant in several ways. Firstly, it is the day the Titanic hit the iceberg and began to sink. One of Kevin’s best friends, Bill, remembers a past life as a designer and builder of the Titanic, and going down with the ship. It is also Bill’s birthday, and the birthday of Sandi’s sister, Julia. Those two people will forever share the joy of their birthdays with the sadness (for us) of Kevin’s passing.

— Sandi (Kevin’s fiancée)