Love: Kevin’s definition

Kevin received this “definition” of Love in meditation many  years ago:

This is the kind of relationship that Kevin and I had. We had such admiration for each other, and resonance with each other. We were each other’s king and queen. We encouraged and supported each other in everything our partner wanted to do, with no compromise — because we always found a way to support each other’s needs.

We never argued, not that we agreed on everything, that was not a requirement in any way. We let each other be. In three years and two months we were together, there was not one fight! Only love. We always felt *safe* in each other’s love. Never judged. Always 100% accepted. No jealousy or emotional games. Neither of us was going to leave when the going got tough .. and boy, did it get tough.  Kevin always told me “I love you always and forever”.

I love you always and forever too, my Bunny. Thank you for all the little thoughtful things you did for me.  Thank you for being my rock that I could always count on. The time we had together was way too short, but I’ll be forever grateful for your unconditional love.

— Sandi