Kevin talking about the Heathkit AD-1013


Here’s another video Kevin made, this time geeking out over the Heathkit AD-1013 Audioscope he restored, in the way only Kevin could.

Edit months later: this video was very helpful while trying to figure out whether the AD-1013 Kevin still had in his studio was fully functional (he sold the one in the video). Thanks, Kevin!

Kevin talking about websites

Amongst the many things Kevin did, he designed, created and hosted a number of websites, both his own sites and sites for various friends and clients. Here he is talking about website basics, and some of his other interests too.

Kevin’s teachings from the Creative Heart Retreat

Wanting to hear Kevin’s voice again, I hunted down some of his videos. Here is one where he is repeating a presentation from The Creative Heart retreat in May 2013.

Enjoy Kevin talking about the things very dear to his heart — raising consciousness, frequency, resonance, and similar subjects.